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Mary Heiden (Adermann) and Siblings

September 19, 2011

Mary Heiden Adermann

Mary Heiden was born on February 11, 1864, the daughter of Fredrick Carl August Heiden and Marianna Allwardt in Altamont, Effingham County, Illinois. She was the sixth-born of Fred and Marianna (Mary Ann) Heiden’s ten children and one of the seven who grew to adulthood. Of their ten children:

  1. Theodore Fredrick was born in Germany in 1853 and died in Gaylord, Smith County, Kansas on October 14, 1926. Theodore immigrated with his parents from Hamburg, Germany on the Charles C. Fowler passenger ship in 1857.
  2. Henry was born soon after Fredrick and Margaret immigrated to New York. He was born on December 6, 1857 in Berholtz, Niagara County, New York.
  3. A daughter was born and died in Holy Ghost Lutheran, New York, on December 11, 1860.
  4. A son was born and died in Altamont, Effingham County, Illinois on March 2, 1861.
  5. Johannis August Friedrich was born in Altamont on January 22, 1862 and lived almost 8 years before he died on December 28, 1869.
  6. Mary Albertine, who later married Ferdinand Adermann, was born on February 11, 1864 and died June 27, 1940.
  7. Ernestine (“Tena”) Wilhelmina was born January 7, 1866 in Altamont and died November 1945 in the same town.
  8. Fredrick Carl was also a lifelong resident of Altamont, being born there October 22, 1867 and dying October 25, 1952.
  9. Caroline was born March 5, 1870 and lived 65 years before dying on May 30, 1935.
  10. Louise lived less than four months. She was born in Altamont on May 16, 1873 and died on September 6, 1873. She was buried in the Bethlehem Lutheran Cemetery in Mound Township, Altamont, Illinois according to The Cemetery Records of Effingham County, IL, Vol 4, Bethlehem and Immanuel Lutheran Cemetery Records.

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