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September 24, 2011

If you have a subscription to, here is the link to our family tree on It is a public tree and an ongoing work in progress. If you do not have a subscription but would like to register to this tree as a guest, contact me at to request that. I appreciate Ancestry for the wealth of resources they have available and I am especially grateful for the number of extended family genealogists I have contact with because we share our public trees. The tree is, truthfully, a blend of good research data and family data. I use the tree as something of a collection site for my research so there is material on there which I have collected but not confirmed. I spend time on the tree looking for quality historical information to confirm the family histories which have been passed down. As I find it, I will make every effort to get it uploaded.

If you find corrections to it, please let me know. I will do my best to make it accurate. If I have borrowed information from your public tree–thank you! That is another of the gifts of the web and Ancestry. If you find information that improves your research–help yourself to it. Have fun exploring the tree.


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