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Paul Aderman, Son of Ferdinand and Mary, is Burned in Electrical Incident in 1957

October 2, 2011

Power Short Burns Man

Special to the State Journal

Lincoln, May 26, 1957—A 6900 volt power line in Lincoln was shorted today by a lineman, Paul Aderman, 58, and an “arc of fire” set his clothes afire, burning them off his body. He is in critical condition in Abraham Lincoln Memorial hospital.

Aderman was on top of a ladder at the time, repairing a line at 6:20 p.m. in an alley on Walnut St. in Lincoln, between Fourth and Fifth Sts. His partner, Morrell Delbert, Mt. Pulaski, said a wrench on Aderman’s safety belt apparently hit the 6900 volt line.

“An arc of fire seemed to play around his body,” Delbert said, “then his clothes caught fire.” Aderman was knocked out for a few seconds, but managed to hold to the ladder. Delbert and George Hoagland, another lineman who lived nearby, and Dave Shea, resident of the area, rescued the burned man. Delbert’s fingers were burned as he brought Aderman down and helped beat out the flames.

Central Illinois Electric and Gas Co. technicians pulled the switch that cut off power to the entire city of Lincoln, when they learned of the accident. It was not restored for about 90 minutes. Power was cut to the two hospitals, and only Abraham Lincoln Memorial has an emergency generator for lights only.

Aderman was taken to the hospital in the Lincoln fire department’s civil defense ambulance. Doctors said he has second and third degree burns over 65 percent of his body but believe he will survive.

This was the second accident for the veteran lineman. He was badly burned about 30 years ago in a similar accident.

The accident did prove fatal for Paul and he died on June 10, 1957. Having been born on April 2, 1899, he lived 58 years.

Paul J Aderman - In Remembrance
The funeral home remembrance note for Paul.

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