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In Memory of John Munson

November 26, 2012
Munson Family Coat of Arms

On this day in 1650, my 10th great-grandfather John Munson, died in Rattlesden, Suffolk, England. He was born 14 Oct 1571, the oldest known son of Richard and Margery (Barnes) Munson.

When John was 20 years old, he married Elizabeth Sparke. They were the parents of Captain Thomas Munson.

  1. William Prince permalink

    He is also my 10th great grandfather.

  2. Jane Huff permalink

    John Munson apparently is my 11 great grandfather. His son is Thomas Munson. Thomas’ daughter is Mary Ann Munson who married John Stebbin. John Stebbin’s son is John Stebbin Jr.. John Stebbin Jr.’s daughter is Abigail Stebbin who married Jacque DeNoyon. Their daughter is Marie DeNoyon who married Charles La Croix. Their son is Joseph La Croix. His daughter is Marie La Croix who married Andre Demarais. Their son is Eusbie Demarais and his son is Odeos Demarais. Odeos’ daughter is Mildred Demarais who married Edward Gabriel. Their child is Edmund Philip Gabriel and his child is me Jane Elizabeth Gabriel. So what does that make us???

  3. Duane Munson permalink

    I believe that he is my great,great,great,great,great,great,great grandfather.

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