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Sharing a Birthday

February 11, 2013

Ferdinand Aderman

On February 11, 1859, in Biedenkopf, Marburg-Biedenkopf, Hessen, Germany, Ferdinand “Fred” Adermann was born to Christian and Fredericke (Bergemann) Adermann. On his fifth birthday, while he was still a boy in Germany, Mary Albertine Heiden was born on the same day in Bethlehem, Effingham County, Illinois, USA, the daughter of Frederick Carl August Heiden and Marianna (Allwardt) Heiden.

Mary (Heiden) Adermann


Some years later, Ferdinand immigrated to the United States and ended up in Illinois. On 19 Oct 1882, when he was 23 and Mary was 18, they married. That means they had 43 years of celebrating their birthdays together on the same day–February 11.

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    Thanks for sharing this on my birthday, which was today. I did not know this about the great-grandparents.

    Sharon Durheim Rose

    • Hi Sharon,
      Actually, I published it by mistake but I it seems it was a happy mistake! I scheduled it for Feb 11, but neglected to change the year to 2013. I corrected it as soon as I realized what had happened (within seconds), but in the meantime, it had published. I thought it was a pretty interesting piece of trivia about F and M.

      Oh, and Happy Birthday! You might smile at this . . . We know that F and M shared a birthday; it turns out that you and I share the same birthday as well! A lesson from my happy mistake.

      Hope you had a good celebration of your day; I very much enjoyed mine.

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