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18-3/4 Pounds of Aderman Twins

April 28, 2013

Ninety years ago today,  April 28, 1923, Floy Bates Aderman went into labor. She already had five children and was about to be blessed with more. It turns out she had two very big boys waiting to be delivered! Here is how their sister, Ede Aderman Adams (1925 – 2011) described it in the Aderman Memory Book: Reminiscences from the family of Carl & Floy Aderman:

When Mom was expecting with the twins there was no such thing as prenatal care. So, she had no idea she had two babies inside there. Doc Landsborough was summoned from town for the delivery and our neighbor, Mae Lance, hurried over to act as midwife. The folks’ bedroom became the delivery room. Edgar arrived first at 9-1/4 pounds. Ol’ Doc Landsborough, knowing another baby would be born, became very concerned for Mom. Never anticipating there would be two, she wondered why Doc hung around so long. About thirty minutes later Edwin made his debut–and he was bigger than Edgar–9-1/2 pounds! Mom cried because she didn’t know how they could raise two more kids. Doc assured her that she was the luckiest woman in the world to have two healthy and normal boys. He laughed and thought it was wonderful. Mom would later agree.

Edgar and Edwin as young boys on the Daggett farm.

Darrell, Floy’s oldest grandson, remembers hearing that Carl was working away from the farm when the twins were born and learned about it when he returned home. Apparently, he went to sit down in one of the chairs but there was a baby laying in it so he went to sit in the other chair and it, too, had a baby in it. He asked, “How many babies are there?!”

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