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Summer Vacations at the Cottage

June 10, 2013

O Aderman Cottage 2Among my favorite memories of childhood are the days and weeks we spent at Grandma and Grandpa’s (Oscar and Anna Aderman) cottage on Timms Lake in Marinette County, WI. Each spring Grandpa would prime the water pump (there was no water in the faucets otherwise) and Grandma would “air out” the inside while wiping away the spider webs and mouse nests that had accumulated over the winter. The wood fireplace warmed up the small living area when it needed heat and the cement structure kept it cool in warm weather.

Down a long flight of outdoor steps was a dock and small boat. Lots of hours of swimming and fishing and playing with the cousins took place on this lake.

The cousins swimming at the cottage.

The cousins swimming at the cottage.

When, as teenagers, we got old enough to drive, we would venture down Highways 8 and 141 from Niagara and find our way to the cottage. There were two bedrooms and a little bathroom on one side of the cottage, a porch on the opposite side, and a great room that had the living room, dining area, and kitchen. We played cards, board games, and read books; we played croquet in the long front yard, and relished the time we had as a family. As summer begins, I find myself reminiscing about those lovely, carefree days at the cottage.

Visiting with family.

Visiting with family.

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