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In Remembrance of Helena Baum

August 10, 2013

Helena Baum, my 7th great grandmother, died on this day (August 10) in 1687, just a few days shy of her 33rd birthday. The cause of death is unknown, but her daughter, Anna, was born just two weeks earlier on July 26, 1687. It suggests the possibility of Helena either being ill when she was pregnant with Anna or maybe dying of complications from the pregnancy or birth.

Helena was christened in Lieser, Rheinland, Prussia, Germany on August 16, 1654 so was likely born within a day or two of that event, possibly even on that day. She was the daughter of Alexander and Margaretha Baum and the younger sister of Johannes Richardi Baum. She married Michael Barthen on November 21, 1684, so the couple had less than three years together before her death. She died in the same town in which she was christened and married.

Source: Barthen Pedigree Chart
  1. Jim Aderman permalink

    There’s probably more to this story. Marrying at 30 in the 1600s was very late. Why didn’t Helena marry in her teens? Something to do with her own health issues? Parental health issues that she helped with? Other obligations?

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