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William Munson’s Birthday

October 13, 2013
The Munson Family Crest

The Munson Family Crest

I have previously written about Thomas Munson and his son, Samuel Munson. Samuel married Martha Bradley and they had ten children: one daughter and nine sons. In our family lineage, Samuel’s oldest son, also named Samuel, is our ancestor. He married Martha Farnes and they had nine children. He then married the widow Mary (Preston) Merriman and they had two more children (Mary also had five children from her first marriage).

Samuel and Martha’s fourth child, William, was born on this day in 1695. William is my 6th great grandfather and is the head of “Clan William” in the Munson Family Genealogy.

William married Rebecca Curtiss (1697 – 1742) and they had eight children. Their seventh child, Samuel (1739 – 1827) was my 5th great grandfather. William was a life-long resident of Wallingford (now Cheshire), Connecticut. According to The Munson Record: Volume I:

William at the age of twenty-three (the deed calls him a “young man’) purchased, 28 Jan 1718, i.e., 1719*, sixteen acres “aboue the town upon missory brook.” Misery Brook is in the southeast quarter of Southington, flowing into the Quinnipiac, say, about an eighth of a mile north of Cheshire line. John Munson of New Haven sold his nephew William 13 acres bounded “east by a brook called honey pot brook”; this was 1 Feb 1726, i.e., 1727*, (when the settlement was about thirty years old,) and the consideration was 20 pounds. Three years later, 14 June 1729, Samuel of Wallingford, for the love and good-will which he bore unto his beloved son William, transferred to him, just after the birth of his first child, 38 acres lying “in Cheshire in the bound of Wallingford upon Walnut Hill by Tunssus valley.” There is little doubt that William had previously received land from his father, as it is recorded that Samuel and William made a joint sale of 90 acres 28 Jan 1726, and in his Will (1740) Samuel observed that he had given William “so much land as I think is my duty to give.” . . .

William’s home was a mile and three-quarters north of Cheshire Green. The stream running northward through the farm a quarter of a mile east of the house is still known as Honey-Pot Brook. On that place William’s son Peter was born and died; there Peter’s son Levi was born and died; and there Levi’s son Levi, our aged contemporary, was born and spent the earlier portion of his life.

                                                            (Written by Myron Munson in 1896)

*Note: in 1750, the calendar in the Colonies changed so that what was recorded accurately by our ancestors as, e.g., 1718,  was actually 1719 using our current calendar system.

  1. Rosemary permalink

    William is my fifth great grandfather. My iniation into genealogy was through the Munson family. I had an aunt who evidently told her generation to remember that they were Munsons! So the Munsons were easy in retrospect because there is so much information. I did have a great-niece who received a scholarship through the Munson Family website. What an honor!
    Anyway, it looks like it’s time to dig back into the Munsons again. Thanks for your site.

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