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Celebrating Merriman Munson

November 30, 2013

Merriman Munson, my maternal 6th great grand uncle was born on November 30, 1710. He was the son of Samuel Munson (1668 – 1741) and Mary Preston Merriman Munson. Mary was the daughter of Deacon Eliasaph Preston, the widow of Caleb Merriman who died in 1703, and the second wife of Samuel Munson, whose wife Martha Farnes Munson had died in 1707. Samuel and Mary married in March of 1708, about 14 months after Martha’s death.

Interestingly, Martha named her infant son, Merriman, after the surname of her first husband. When her son grew up, he married Esther Johnson on January 24, 1733. After her death in 1757, he married the widow Thankful Peck on January 23, 1758. Merriman distinguished himself by being one of the 18 male founders of the church at Northford, Connecticut on June 13, 1750 and was chosen to be their first deacon.

At Dr. Trumbull’s ordination in North Haven Dec 23, 1760, among the “Messengers” present was “Deacon Merriman Munson from Northford Church.” His wife Esther was received from another church 1 July 1750, and Thankful was received from the church in Wallingford. Merriman was chosen grand-juror, highway surveyor, etc. . . . From his father’s estate, he had not only lands, but (by Will) “my cloathing & my augers & chissels handsaw & turning tools & what is needful in that affare &c I give to my son merriman Munson” [sic].*

Merriman’s father, Samuel, also had given him land to help him get started in life. Merriman and his wife Esther had five children: Sarah, Esther, Samuel (known as Junior), Mamre, and Lent. He was buried in the church cemetery in Northford, where he had been a deacon for 30 years.

Merriman Munson tombstone.

Merriman Munson tombstone.

The tombstone inscription reads:**

In memory of Mr. Merriman Munson who departed this life Sep 9, 1782 in the 72 year of his age. He was one of the first Deacons of the Church of Christ in this Place and sustained that office for thirty years before his death.
Pro. 10.7 The memory of the just is blessed

* from The Munson Record, Vol I, page 92.

**from Find A Grave.

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