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The Marriage of Agnes Berg and Joannes Baum

January 16, 2014

Today is the remembrance of the marriage of my 6th great grandparents, Agnes Berg and Joannes Baum in the Roman Catholic Church in Liersberg, Rheinland, Prussia on 16 January, 1719. Not much is known about the couple. According to their parish marriage record, Joannes was the son of Petri Baum and Agnes was the daughter of Henrici Berg.

Agnes and Joannes had six known daughters born to them between the years of 1720 and 1738. Maria Anastasiae Baum, their first born and my 5th great grandmother was christened on 10 December 1720. Margaretha (c. 9 March 1724), Anna Gertrudis (c. 23 October 1725), Maria Barbara (c. 24 November 1729), Maria Catharina (c. 22 April 1732), and Veronica Catharina (c. 18 September 1738) finished out the known children in the family. That we know their christening dates (all found on Family Search) suggests the girls may well have been born on that day or just a day or two earlier. In an era of high infant mortality, parents did not usually wait long to have their children baptized.

Their daughter, Maria Anastasiae Baum, married Joannes Barthen who was from Lieser, Germany. She moved to Lieser and their descendents continued living there for several generations. Their great granddaughter, Barbara Clara Barton, who was born in Lieser, Germany and immigrated to the USA as a young woman was written about earlier.

Liersberg, the home of Agnes Berg and Joannes Baum, is on the western border of modern day Germany, very near the French border. It is not a large town, and appears to be surrounded by rich farmland. I have not discovered much about the town, but appreciate its long history and it being the home to so many generations of my ancestors.

Liersberg on the western border of modern day Germany.

Liersberg on the western border of modern day Germany.

Liersberg today (from a Google Earth view).

Liersberg today (from a Google Earth view).

A closer view of Liersberg, Germany now (from Google Earth).

A closer view of Liersberg, Germany now (from Google Earth).

  1. Hi again,

    Here is the information I have from the Lieser Family Book for this family:

    Johann Baum son of Peter Baum died 23 December 1744 in Lieser. He married Agnes Berg, daughter of Heinrich (the Latin name is Henrici) Berg on 16 January 1719 in Lieser. Agnes died on 7 August 1754 in Lieser. They had more children than you think:

    Barbara born 20 Oct 1719 died 3 October 1719
    Maria Elisabeth born 20 Octo 1719 died 21 November 1719
    Maria SAnastaia born 10 December 1720
    Elisabeth born 28 Oct 1722 died 11 January 1723
    Margarethe born 9 March 1724 died 23 Decemebr 1724
    Anna Gertrud 23 Oct 1725 died 30 June 1732
    Margarethe born 20 January 1728
    Maria Barbara born 24 Novemeber 1729 died 21 January 1791
    Maria Catharina born 22 April 1732
    Anna Gertrud born 22 Sept 1734
    Veronika Catharina born 18 Sept 1738

    11 girls, only five lived.

    All records indicate this family lived in Lieser, the original baptismal records are from the Catholic Church called “St. Peter’s” parish in Lieser. Those records were then transcribed with the government civilly in Liersberg.

    I have a record for a Peter Baum died 4 April 1699 in Lieser married to a Catharina Dormis the widow of Georg Hammess. She was born about 1666 and died 30 Sept 1718 in Lieser.

    I show a record of a Heinrich berg (ID # LJBN-3T5 on FamilySearch) who died in Lieser on 26 Novemeber 1717. He had a daughter named Agnes born on 22 August 1695. He married Margarethe Genetsch in Lieser on 28 January 1686. Margarethe died in Lieser on 3 June 1738 “after a long illness.”

    Liz Freeman

  2. Sorry, that is supposed to read Maria Anastasia

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