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Contemporary Events in the Life of Thomas Munson

February 6, 2014

Captain Thomas Munson, my 9th great grandfather and a founder of the New Haven Colony, lived from 1612 to 1685. He was born in Rattlesden, England and died in New Haven, in what is now the state of Connecticut, USA. In The Munson Record, Vol 1, on page 60, the author closed the chapter on Thomas Munson with a review of contemporary events which happened in our ancestor’s life–events we now consider important historical events. Consider the following events which happened in Thomas Munson’s life.

When Thomas Munson was 4 years old, Shakespere died; when 5 yrs. of age, Lord Bacon became chancellor of England; at 6, Sir Walter Raleigh beheaded, –Thirty Years War (between Romish and Protestant princes of Germany) began; at 7, circulation of the blood discovered by Harvey; at 8, the Pilgrims landed from the Mayflower upon Plymouth Rock; at 11, the settlement of Manhattan island, now the City of New York, was begun; at 13, Charles I became king of England; at 18, the settlement of Boston was commenced; at 20, Gustavus Adolphus of Sweden defeated Wallenstein and was killed at Lutzen; at 23, Hartford began existence; at 25, the Pequot War occurred; at 26, the settlers of New Haven spent their first Sabbath, Apr. 15, worshiping under an oak which stood at the northeast corner of George and College streets, –and Harvard College was founded; at 27, the New Haven Colony adopted a constitution, which T.M. signed; at 28, the Flemish painter Rubens died; at 30, the Italian philosopher Galileo died; at 31, Louis XIV succeeded his father as king of France; at 34, the Apostle Eliot began his labors among the Indians; at 37, Charles I beheaded; at 41, Cromwell became Lord Protector of England; at 45, the Half-way Covenant appeared in New England churches; at 48, Charles II crowned; at 49, Whalley and Goffe arrived in New Haven; at 50, New Haven Colony refused to be united by royal charter with Connecticut Colony; at 53, N.H.C. was united with CC (in May); at 55, Sir Isaac Newton conceived the theory of gravitation, and Jeremy Taylor died; at 63, King Philip’s War broke out; at 64, Milton and the Dutch painter Rembrandt died; at 73, the Spanish painter Murillo died, and James II was crowned.

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