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Celebrating the Life of Susannah Williams Blue

November 2, 2014

Born on 2 November 1754, today is the 260th birthday of Susannah Williams, wife of Uriah Blue ( in the Blue Family genealogy). The couple married ca. 1770 when Susanna was 16 years old and lived in Hampshire County, Virginia in was what known as the “Lower Rocks.” She gave birth to six known children, five sons and a daughter.

When Susannah was only a year old, she and her father, Richard Williams, were captured by Indians. According to the Blue Family website,

Her father escaped, but Susannah was held captive for 13 years. She was released in an exchange of prisoners and identified by a birthmark on her arm. Her scalp-lock had been taken and she was said to have worn a little cap all the rest of her life.

It is interesting to imagine what Susanna might have experienced during her childhood as a captive of the native people, but those stories remain unknown.

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