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John Master Bates

July 7, 2015

My great-grandmother, Floy Bates Aderman, carried with her quite a heritage. She descended from both the Blue family and the Bates family, both of which have had extensive historical research done on them. Both families were also early pioneers in the New World and helped establish this nation from its colonial/plantation beginnings.

Lydd, Kent, England

Lydd, Kent, England

The ancestor I am celebrating today is John Master Bates, born in 1299 in Lydd, Kent, England. John is my 20th great-grandfather. Information from that long ago is sparse, of course. The hints I have found so far suggest his wife’s name was  Matilda and, in 1330, they gave birth to their son, Master John Bates (my 19th great-grandfather). I have an unusually late death date for John Master Bates–in 1394, making him 95 years old at the time of his death. I continue to search for ancient records, hoping to verify this.



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  1. batesbats permalink

    John Bates born 1394 fought at Agincourt

  2. Jason permalink

    He is my earliest known relative!! His name is cracking me up!!

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