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Lori Hahn’s “Me. Here. Right Now.”

October 3, 2016

Hey, Munson family genealogists, check out another Munson family website.

I love it when I find another cousin! Lori Hahn and I share 3rd great-grandparents, Amos and Mary Ann (Kearney) Munson and, of course, all our ancestors prior to Amos and Mary Ann.

Lori descends from their daughter,  Mary Ann Munson’s line (1837 – 1888) and Mary Ann’s husband, William Custer Smith (1831 – 1895). Daughter Mary Ann shared her mother’s name so I will distinguish them as Mary Ann Munson (daughter) and Mary Ann (Kearney) Munson (mother). I descend from Mary Ann Munson’s younger sister, Henrietta Munson, and her husband, Moses Woodington.

The Amos and Mary Ann (Kearney) Munson family moved to southwestern Wisconsin from Ohio between 1849 and 1850. Their youngest son, Charles, was born in Ohio in 1849; the 1850 US Census has the family living in Grant County, Wisconsin. Grant County is also where daughter Mary Ann and William C. Smith married in 1853. Oh, and my second great-grandparents, Henrietta and Moses, married in Grant County in 1859. They stuck around, though. Mary Ann (Munson) Smith and William C Smith headed to Iowa after a while.

Anyway, there are more stories for the telling! Please check out Lori’ site. It is called Me. Here. Right Now.


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