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Obituary for Paul William (Krumreich) Kennedy, 1956

October 17, 2016

Paul William Krumreich was born in Effingham County, Illinois on 15 June 1895. He married my second great-aunt, Maria Sophia Lenora “Mary” Adermann on 20 April, 1916 in Springfield, IL Their son, Kenneth Stanley, was born on 28 August, 1917 and their daughter, Vera Marie, on 10 March 1921. Maria died the day after Vera’s birth.

Paul changed his last name from Krumreich to Kennedy (at least for common usage–I have not yet found legal documentation of the change). Likewise, their son Kenneth, also changed his last name to Kennedy. Daughter Vera maintained the Krumreich maiden name but changed her name to Cavenaile upon her marriage to Alexander Cavenaile.

Here is the obituary for Paul William Krumreich Kennedy from the Marshall Evening Chronicle (Marshall, Michigan) of 16 August, 1956. Thanks you Kevin Hackett for sharing this obituary.




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