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The Marriage of Anna Louise Erdmann and Christoph Adermann, 1813

March 25, 2017

Christoph Adermann & Anna Louise Erdmann> Christian Adermann>Ferdinand Adermann>Carl Aderman>Oscar Aderman>Darrell Aderman>Carmala Aderman


My 4th great-grandparents, Anna Louise Erdmann and Christoph Adermann were married in Bertikow, Brandenburg, Prussia on 13 November 1813. Anna was 22 years old at the time of the wedding and Christoph was 35. Her father is listed in the marriage record as Friedrich Erdmann; Christoph’s father is recorded as Michael Adermann.

Christoph lived long enough to sign permission for their only known son, Christian, to be married to Fredericke Louise Bergemann, on 2 March 1857. It is believed Anna was still living at that point, also. I have not found definitive death dates for either.



Title: Brandenburg, Germany, Transcripts of Church Records, 1700-1874
Publisher: Operations, Inc.
Publisher Date:2011
Publisher Location: Provo, UT, USA

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