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Children of Amos and Mary Ann (Kearney) Munson

September 23, 2017

My Munson/Woodington Cousins:

I have been exploring our cousin Lori Hahn’s site again at Me. Here. Right Now. My generation shares with Lori common 3rd great-grandparents, Amos and Mary Ann (Kearney) Munson. Amos and Mary Ann had eight children; six daughters followed by two sons. I have written of their 5th daughter, our 2nd great grandmother, Henrietta Munson who married Moses Isaack Woodington, a veteran of the Civil War. Lori has done superb research on  Amos and Mary Ann and their seven other children. She is a descendent of Henrietta’s older sister, Mary Ann, their mother’s namesake. Here are links to the stories of the eight children of Amos and Mary Ann. Enjoy browsing!

Margaret Jane Munson

Lamira Munson

Mary Ann Munson

Caroline Amanda Munson

Henrietta Munson

Julia Anna Munson

Franklin David Munson

Charles Fremont Munson


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