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Remembering Jacob Boerner

October 27, 2013

My grand uncle, Jacob William Boerner, died 41 years ago today, October 27, 1972, in Niagara, Marinette County, WI. Jacob was born in Gaulsheim, Germany on 27 January 1891 to Martin and Catharina (Storch) Boerner. Martin immigrated to the United States in 1897 and Catharina sailed to the states with her three sons, John, Jacob, and Karl, two years later. The family moved to Marinette County and Jacob grew up there after arriving in the United States.

He married Rose (maiden name unknown) sometime before 1920 (the U.S. Census has them married at that point; their oldest son was born in 1918) and they had seven children: Martin, John, Hildegard, Bernice, Joseph, Rosalie, and Jacob. Jacob supported his family by working at the Kimberly-Clark paper mill.

Jacob lived a long life and died at the age of 81.

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  1. Susan Holtz permalink

    I can add a bit if information. Rose’s maiden name was Simon and they married in 1916. The youngest child of Jacob and Rose was Thomas. Currently (9/25/2018) all are deceased with the exception of Hildegard who is 98 and my mother Rosalie who is 93.

    • Thank you, Susan! I’ll get that updated.

    • Thanks so much, Susan. I’ve been neglecting my site but am enjoying the time to get it updated again. I appreciate your added info.

  2. Susan Holtz permalink

    There was another son – Thomas – the youngest child of my grandparents. Rose’s maiden name was Simon. They were married in 1916. My mother, Rosalie, passed away this year – 1/22/2019 at the age of 93. The last living child of Jacob and Rose is 99 year old Hildegard.

  3. judy Boll permalink

    Jacob was my grandfather! He married Rose in 1917. Their oldest son, Martin, is my father. Jacob and Rose lived behind the mill in Niagra until Jacob died. Jacob (grandpa Jake) was a lone holdout and refused to sell his home to Kimberly Clark. My father built the barn/garage that still stands on the site. The stone base was made of rocks they took out of the bluffs. I had the most loving grandpa. He was a hard worker and loved his Rosie very much. As kids, we would look forward spending weeks during the summer in Niagra and sneaking raspberries from grandpas garden. Rose was from Vienna, Austria and was an amazing baker! My father, Martin Boerner (their eldest son), was an engineer in the Navy and also did radio and TV repair in the large garage structure. Martin Boerner married Henrietta Vigneau of Niagra while he was serving in the Navy. They eloped in Corpus Christi, Texas where my father was stationed. three days after they were married, my father was deployed and they did not see each other again for 18 months. My father was one of the first to develop radar fpr the navy. After his time in the service, my parents settled in Milwaukee, where my father was an engineer for Schlitz brewery. They had four children, John Martin, Timothy, Richard, and me, Judy Rose. My father died at the age of 73. His son, John Martin died at the age of 60, and Timothy died at the age of 28. My father has five biological grandchildren, Nicole Boerner, Elizabeth Boerner, Jennifer (Boll), Jonathan Timothy (Boll), and Gerald Martin Boll.

    • Thank you so much for this much more genealogy, Judy. I remember my father and Grandma Ann Boerner Aderman talking about Jacob (Jake?) and Rose. Just last week I met with Martin, Jr. daughter in Iron Mountain! I will share your story with her. Thank you for reaching out. I love meeting new cousins!

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