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Annae Mariae Janz Boerner

October 31, 2013

Annae Mariae Janz Boerner, my 2nd great grandmother, was born on this day, October 31, in 1827 in Ockenheim, Rheinhessen, Hesse-Darmstadt, Germany. She was the daughter of Johannis Janz and Anna Mariae Faeser. (Anna Mariae Faeser was also named after her mother, Anna Mariae Reckertin, who married Philipi Faeser.)

On August 17, 1850, when Anna Mariae Janz was still 22 years old, she married Adam Boerner in the Roemisch Katholische Kirche in Gaulsheim, Germany*. According to her tombstone, she died in 1907 and was buried in Gaulsheim.

Among her children was my great grandfather Martin Boerner.  Martin’s maternal great-grandmother, grandmother, mother, as well as his younger sister were all named Annae Mariae. He continued that family name with his youngest daughter, my grandmother, Anna Maria Boerner Aderman. Since Anna Maria Boerner Aderman had only sons, the name missed a generation, but the legacy has continued for two more generations when each of her four sons used “Ann” as the middle name of their first-born daughters and three of the granddaughters have Anna or Ann in their names.

*Source: Family Search.

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