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The Marriage of Oscar D Aderman and Anna M Boerner

August 9, 2017

Today is the anniversary of the marriage of my paternal grandparents, Oscar Dearyl Aderman (1907 – 1989) and Anna Marie Boerner (1910 – 1981). Oscar and Ann met when Oscar and his father, Carl, and brother Virgil “Red”, were boarders in the home of Martin Boerner, Ann’s father.

All three men worked at Kimberly-Clark paper mill in Niagara, Wisconsin. Martin Boerner, Sr. had immigrated to the United States, to Wisconsin, in 1897 from Gaulsheim, Germany. His wife had died when Anna was only six years old and he had quite poor eyesight. Boarding men from the paper mill became an added source of income.

After their wedding, Oscar and Ann continued to live in the house. Eventually they bought it from Martin on the condition he would live with them. The couple chose to take the upstairs to raise their family and insisted Martin stay on the main floor of their home.

The couple was married in Daggett, Menominee County, Michigan by Rev. Henry Hopp of the Evangelical Lutheran Church on June 9, 1930. Oscar’s sister, Leonilla, and his friend, Victor Toberg, were witnesses to the vows.

Here is their marriage license from Menominee County, Michigan.


Oscar Anna Marriage_opt.jpg

  1. James Aderman permalink

    Thanks for the reminder about Aunt Leonilla. I can never remember anyone ever calling her by that name. She was always Nell. BTW, do you know why she was named Leonilla?

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