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May 27, 2013

In the same way that genealogy tells the stories of Whence We Come personally, so does our collective American history. On this Memorial Day, 2013, it is time to remember some of my ancestors who were military veterans and who fought for this nation and the freedoms we have. So, I remember . . .

The Colonial Militia:
Captain Thomas Munson, (1612 – 1685), my maternal 9th great grandfather, served in the  New Haven Militia as did his son
Ensign Samuel Munson (1643 – 1693), my 8th great grandfather.

The Revolutionary War:
Private Samuel Munson, (1739 – 1827), my maternal 5th great grandfather
and his brothers
William Munson (1731 – 1815) and Peter Munson (1735 – 1830).

John S. Blue, (1750 – 1833), my paternal 6th great grandfather,
John McNary (1752 – 1830), another paternal 6th great grandfather.

The War of 1812:
Major Uriah Blue (1775 – 1836), my paternal 1st cousin, 7x removed.

The Civil War:
Moses Woodington (1837 – 1919), my maternal 2nd great grandfather along with his brother, Jonathan Woodington (1842 – 1918).

Several of my paternal Blue Family cousins, serving for both the North and the South:
Lt. John Blue and his cousin, Monroe Blue, both fighting for the South
David C. Blue, fighting for the North
Abner Blue, part of the Underground Railroad
William Marshall Blue, fighting for the North
John and his son, Thomas, Dull, fighting for the North.

World War I:
Private Rolland “Raleigh” Woodington (1892 – 1930), and his brother
Private Walter Woodington (1900 – 1949), my maternal grand uncles.

World War II:
My paternal grandfather’s younger brothers Virgil, Edgar, and Edwin Aderman, my grand uncles.
Donald Aderman, my paternal 1st cousin, 2x removed.

Thank you, each of you, for sacrificing something of yourself for your descendents.

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